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Employment & Family Law Attorney in Ogden, Utah

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Philip C. Patterson

Attorney at Law

Mr. Patterson’s father was an attorney who allowed him, as a child, to travel with him to scheduled court appearances throughout Utah and into parts of Wyoming and Colorado. Mr. Patterson began practicing law more than 30 years ago in the law firm which was started by his father. Mr. Patterson’s law practice focuses upon family law, federal and state employment law, and criminal law. Mr. Patterson serves the people of Weber County, Davis County, Box Elder County, and Cache County.


A Straightforward Approach to Law

Advocacy for Utah Employees

All employees should acquire a firm knowledge of their rights and privileges when they believe that their workplace interests have been violated.

Mr. Patterson’s legal expertise and experience are directed toward responding to and advocating for those employee interests.

Comprehensive Counsel for Families

Domestic Relations controversies focusing on child custody, parent-time, property distributions, and alimony can create anxiety and uncertainty.

Effective advocacy requires a retained attorney to be empathetic, to provide a client with full and continuing transparent disclosures, and to pursue diligently the informed outcomes sought by the client. Continuing conversations between the client and the attorney are indispensable.

Practice Areas


Seeking Solutions at Work or at Home

If you have incurred what you believe to be an unlawful employment practice by either your current or prospective employer, you should seek legal advice to determine whether the questioned employer conduct is unlawful, and if so, the remedies available to you.

Challenging an adverse employment action can be intimidating. These employment actions create concerns about whether the employment relationship can or should continue on any basis and whether employment opportunities in your chosen profession will be continuing. Mr. Patterson has enforced employee claims arising from the private, local and state government, and federal civilian employment sectors. Reach out to Mr. Patterson to schedule a consultation today.

Domestic relations litigation involves the people you love the most. Child custody, parent-time, child support, property distribution, and alimony claims necessarily invoke deep emotions and easily morph into uncompromising positions. When your family structure is encountering inevitable and often unwanted changes which appear to defy balanced solutions, the presence of an experienced domestic relations attorney is invaluable.

Mr. Patterson’s legal presence will provide you with a full disclosure of your options and the consequences created by each choice. Mr. Patterson’s role is to prepare you for every aspect of your case, to provide you with upfront and honest legal advice, and to diligently represent your fully-informed best interests. Mr. Patterson represents clients in Weber County, Davis County, Box Elder County, and Cache County.